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If you are travelling to Timor-Leste or importing cargo into the country, you will find information about the Customs process, duties and taxes you may need to pay, goods which are exempt from taxes, and other Customs requirements you may need to meet.

  • Calculating customs and duties

    Customs Duties and Taxes

    When you import merchandise or goods into Timor-Leste, there are duties and taxes you must pay: Import duty: 2.5% of the customs value of goods. Some goods are exempt from import duty. Sales tax:  2.5% of the customs value of the goods, and Excise ... continue reading »

  • First aid kit and medical supplies

    Exemptions from Paying Duty

    You do not need to pay duty for all goods you bring into Timor-Leste. Some goods and situations are exempt from paying taxes. See goods you may bring in if travelling to Timor-Leste or importing cargo. ... continue reading »

  • Cargo ship

    Importing Cargo

    If importing cargo to Timor-Leste, such as on a container, you must use a Customs Broker. click here for more information ... continue reading »

  • Travelling to Timor-Leste by plane

    Travelling to Timor-Leste

    When you travel to a country, you will usually bring baggage and other goods. You are allowed to bring into Timor-Leste certain goods without paying any duty. For some goods, you will need to pay duty when entering the country. ... continue reading »

  • Seizure of Goods

    Customs may seize goods which are prohibited or not correctly declared. ... continue reading »

  • Dili Airport waiting area

    Inspections Process

    Customs Officers register, check and inspect vehicles, ships, boats and aircraft entering and exiting the country, as well as passengers and goods coming into the country. How Customs Inspection is Carried Out In some cases you or your goods can be ... continue reading »

  • Customs Law

    There is a range of legislation covering different aspects of Customs, like: duty and taxes regulations customs brokers customs tax offences, and customs duties See Customs laws. See a full list of legislation covering Ministry of Finance respons ... continue reading »

  • World Customs Organisation logo

    World Customs Organisations

    World Customs Organisation (WCO): Timor-Leste Customs became the 162nd member of the World Customs Organisation in July 2003. Oceania Customs Organisation (OCO) World Trade Organisation (WTO) United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTA ... continue reading »

  • Timorese border post

    Customs Contacts and Posts

    This website contains a lot of information about Customs and Customs processes. Please browse this website for answers to many common Customs questions. Customs contacts If you have a question or require further information about Customs, contact: N ... continue reading »