• 2010 Budget Rectification

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2010 Budget Rectification

The 2010 supplementary budget (orcamento retificativo) was submitted by the Government of Timor Leste to the National Parliament of TL on 31 May 2010, and was debated over 3 days in Generality ( 22 – 24) , and over 7 days of Specialty (out of 10 days) since 24 to  2 July 2010.

After 3 days of debate the rectifying budget was approved in generality by the National Parliament with 39 in favor, 21 against and 4 abstained.

The government justified that the submission of this supplementary budget is foreseen in the Law of the Budget for Financial Management. In addition, according to the Minister of Finance, Emilia Pires, “the Government considers that the present situation justifies the drafting of this supplementary budget since there is a lot to be done. There are projects that are being developed, that need to move forward and therefore, they need a budgetary reinforcement so that they can  be executed within the current year. We consider that it doesn’t make sense to delay the projects’ execution due to lack of funding”.

The Minister for Finance refers to the Government’s ambition in achieving a sustained, rapid and effective development for Timor-Leste: “The more we execute, the more we implement, the quicker the Nation advances. As I have been referring, a nation is normally built within several years, but there are nations that have been built in 30 years. Timor-Leste wants to belong to this group of nations with miracle economies, and with investment of how we will be able to get there”.

After 7 days of intensive debate with over more than 100 proposals almost all from the opposition members of Parliament (Fretilin and PUN), the plenary of the National Parliament approved the supplementary budget in the amount of $178 Million  to the 660 million that were approved by the National Parliament on 15 December last year, for the 2010 GSB, with 39 votes in favor, 17 against and 3 abstained.