• A political reform on the management of the State’s assets

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A political reform on the management of the State’s assets

Dili – On the 17 March 2015, the National Directorate of the Asset Management, under the Directorate General of State Finance of the Ministry of Finance organized a full-day meeting with the General Directors and National Directors of the line Ministries and other State institutions to discuss the Government’s political reform on the management of the State’s assets. The meeting, which took place at the National Directorate for Asset Management in Balide, Dili, Timor-Leste, was chaired by the Vice Minister of Finance, Sr. Helder Lopes and Director General for State Finance, Sr. Januario Gama.

Sra. Evangelina Fátima Guterres, Director for Asset Management, in her presentation, highlighted that the challenges faced by her Directorate in the management of the State Assets are (1) the poor quality of maintenance provided by external service providers, (2) the high maintenance costs, (3) the misuse of coupons for fuels, (4) the circulation of cars after working hours, and (5) the increase in types and brands and the misuse of Government cars.

In response, she added, the Government will introduce a number of new measures to address the identified problems. The new measures include (1) introducing the preventive and responsive maintenance; (2) conducting initial and final inspection; (3) analyzing maintenance costs; (4) establishing contract with service providers to control unit price, maintenance and costs; (5) managing fuel through the introduction of Bin Card; (6) establishing official hours for car utilization; (7) introducing car pooling, logistic inspection, asset declaration and stockstake, (8) using FreeBalance Asset Module and Government’s official repair shop.

The meeting concludes with the following recommendations; (1) amend Dispatch No.003/III/GPM/2009 to redefine car pooling, hours for utilization of cars, fuel management, type, brand, and tainted windows of the Government’s cars; (2) amend Decree Law No. 32/2011 to adjust with the policy of the new VI Constitutional Government; (3) conducting a stockstake of all State’s assets in the whole territory; (4) introducing the use of FreeBalance Asset Module; and (4) strengthening the State’s repair shop.