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Organisational Structure & Roles


Ministry of Finance is the central body of the Government responsible for drafting, executing, coordinating and assessing the policies approved by the Council of Ministers, in the areas of

  • annual planning and monitoring, and
  • budget and finance.


Ministry of Finance has 4 General Directorates, 1 National Directorate and its Executive Office which includes the Office of the Minister and Office of the Vice-Minister.

Ministry of Finance role and responsibilities

  • Propose macroeconomic, monetary and exchange-rate policies, together with the central bank
  • Put forward policies and draft laws and regulations on revenues, budgetary framework, procurement, public accounting, public finance, auditing and control of the State treasury, issuing and management of the public debt
  • Administer the petroleum fund of Timor-Leste
  • Work, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to coordinate the relationship of Timor-Leste with the donors
  • Manage the external public debt, the State’s stakes in companies, and external assistance – coordinating and defining its financial and tax aspects
  • Manage the State’s assets
  • Compiles and publishes official statistics
  • Oversee implementation of the budget allocated from the State General Budget, and
  • Look after the good management of the funds transferred from the State Budget to bodies that are indirectly administered by the State and by the local government bodies, through audits and monitoring.

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