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Office of the Minister

The Office of the Minister provides support to the executive and ministerial functions of the Minister of Finance.

Our role and responsibilities

The Office serves as the central body in the Ministry which:

  • harmonises assigned duties
  • streamlines communications between directorates
  • disseminates information to and from the Minister, and
  • helps oversee the functions of the Ministry, in conjunction with the Consultative Council for Financial Management: the collective body of consultation and coordination which periodically assesses the activities of Ministry.

A core function is to help ensure all stakeholders of the Ministry are responded to quickly. In the process, we build quality relationships while addressing the urgent issues of the day. In doing this, we harness the support of all structures within the Ministry to deliver outcome-based and timely solutions to issues raised.

Chief of Staff

The Office of the Minister is led and managed by her Acting Chief of Staff, Ms. Norberta Soares.

Further information

Hon. , Minister of Finance
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