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Units Under Minister and Vice Minister

The following central services are under the direct administration of the State, within the scope of the Ministry of Finance:

  • Office of Inspection and Audit

    The Inspection and Audit Office is responsible for inspecting and auditing the services under the leadership and supervision of the MoF. The IAO has the following tasks: Assess and verify the administrative, financial and patrimonial management of ... continue reading »

  • Legal unit

    The Legal Unit provides and coordinates legal services under the Ministry of Finance. Our role and responsibilities Coordinate and oversee legal aid to the Directorates of the Ministry  Ensure a coordinated and uniform approach within the Ministry ... continue reading »

  • Public Private Partnership Unit

    The Public-Private Partnership Unit is responsible for assessing, supporting the negotiation and implementing public-private partnership contracts, in collaboration with the other relevant public entities. The PPPU has the following tasks: Assess i ... continue reading »

  • Joanico Pinto - Chief of IFMISU

    Integrated Financial Management Information System Unit

    The Integrated Financial Management Information System Unit is responsible for developing financial management information systems in all Public Administration services and bodies. The IFMISU has the following tasks: Develop and implement policies, ... continue reading »

  • Petroleum Fund Administration Unit

    The Petroleum Fund Administration Unit is responsible for monitoring and assessing the use of the Petroleum Fund. The PFAU has the following tasks: Issue opinions on applications of the Petroleum Fund; Review the evolution of financial movements of ... continue reading »

  • Development Partnership Unit

    The Development Partnership Management Unit is responsible for: Ensuring the effective use of the external assistance provided by Development Partners, so as to guarantee coordination and harmonization in accordance with the development priorities s ... continue reading »