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Legal unit

The Legal Unit provides and coordinates legal services under the Ministry of Finance.

Our role and responsibilities

  • Coordinate and oversee legal aid to the Directorates of the Ministry 
  • Ensure a coordinated and uniform approach within the Ministry and particularly in satellite units of the Directorate in all legal issues relating to, among others, capacity building of lawyers, relationship with customers, answers to the appeals and the processing of juridical and legal documentation
  • Prepare draft laws and legislative acts within the competence of the Ministry of Finance
  • Issue opinions on the legal implications of decisions taken by the Ministry authorities, support and ensure the correct interpretation of the law and normative acts in the Directorates of the Ministry
  • Assist in drafting procurement contracts and provide advice on their interpretation
  • Give advice on contractual disputes arising from the awarding of procurement contracts
  • Issue opinions on legal issues in general, and coordinate partnerships with lawyers or law firms hired by the Ministry
  • Consult closely with and monitor the satellite units established in the Directorates, and
  • Issue regular reports and analysis on the implementation of the tasks of the unit.

Further information

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