• Office of Inspection and Audit

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Office of Inspection and Audit

  1. The Inspection and Audit Office is responsible for inspecting and auditing the services under the leadership and supervision of the MoF.
  2. The IAO has the following tasks:

Assess and verify the administrative, financial and patrimonial management of MoF services;

    • Draft administrative enquiry procedures for MoF internal services;
    • Propose to the relevant higher entity, in a justified manner, the start of disciplinary procedures against MoF staff and officers whenever serious breaches are detected in what regards the general and special duties of civil servants;
    • Propose, in a justified manner, the conduction of internal or external audits to other entities, in compliance with the applicable legislation, as well as to participate in the relevant services of the Public Prosecution and of the Anti-Corruption Commission whenever the IAO learns of behaviours that are liable to constitute penal offences;
    • Any others given to it by law.

Further information

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