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Public Private Partnership Unit

  1. The Public-Private Partnership Unit is responsible for
    assessing, supporting the negotiation and implementing
    public-private partnership contracts, in collaboration with the
    other relevant public entities.
  2. The PPPU has the following tasks:
    • Assess in financial terms the infrastructure projects to be
      carried out by way of public-private partnerships;
    • Draft opinions on the funding modalities for public-private
    • Support the negotiation of the contractual terms of every
      public-private partnership, including contracts signed by
      companies controlled partly or in full by the State, so as to
      ensure that risks are shared in a more advantageous manner for
      the public party, as well as to ensure proper economic
    • Collaborate in the procedures to procure private partners
      and specialized technical assistance, in collaboration with the
      further relevant public entities;
    • Ensure the execution of the necessary pre-feasibility and
      feasibility studies for each infrastructure project;
    • Monitor the implementation of public-private partnership
      contracts, in view of the timely compliance with legal and
      contractual obligations;
    • Draft the reports concerning each public-private
      partnership, which are indispensible under the law;
    • Socialize the contents of public-private partnership
    • Any others given to it by law.

Further information

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