• Social Policy Analysis Department

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Social Policy Analysis Department

This Department supports the Director-General in analysing the social policies of Timor-Leste and ensuring that the impacts of social policies contribute to mitigate poverty and to promote equality and living quality for the overall population and vulnerable groups.

Our role and responsibilities

  • Collect and analyse data from current public transfer programs, as well as revenue distribution and the impact of their implementation
  • Evaluate and analyse the scheme of the civil service Pension Fund
  • Identify alternative mechanisms for implementing transfer policiesinvolving public and private sectors and guide the political analysis of the economic impacts of these alternatives, such as
    • incentives to producers and consumers of subsidised products
    • incentives for private sector traders, and
    • incentives for public sector agents when the public sector is the direct conductor of subsidies.
  • Design alternative transfer modalities that involve greater participation by the private sector
  • Develop criteria for determining temporary provisions for specific transfer programs, when the conditions no longer require the transfers
  • Liaise with relevant Ministries, the public sector and the private sector, in order to monitor the implementation of social policies, and
  • Analyse the distribution of income through time, as the economy progresses.