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Macroeconomics Directorate

This Directorate analyses and recommends policies leading to the promotion of economic development and to the reduction of poverty.

It issues opinions and studies concerning the public and private sectors, structural reforms, employment, salaries, financial markets, monopolies, investment and capital formation, and drafts estimates concerning growth, employment and inflation.

Our role and responsibilities

In the field of policies and programs:

  • Collaborate in defining structural development policies and their respective impacts in public and private expense in infrastructures, namely public investment
  • Estimate budget revenue, including revenue from the petroleum sector, domestic tax revenue and non-tax revenue, as well as write relevant texts for the State General Budget
  • Issue opinions on tax policy
  • Draft studies and issue opinions on tax structure and applicable fee levels
  • Issue opinions on matters related to expenditure, savings, investments and respective implications concerning the use of the Petroleum Fund, and
  • Analyse medium-term aggregate expenditure levels, including the balance between the State Budget, donor funds and capital expenditure.

In the sectors of trade and financial policies:

  • Assess international and regional statistical data on trade and investment relevant to Timor-Leste
  • Provide advice on projects with international organisations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Development Partners in the areas of economic and budget policy
  • Prepare relevant economic and financial information notes, namely in the areas of development, foreign funding and investment, in order to distribute them to Government members, Embassies and Development Partners.
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