• Petroleum Fund Management Department

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Petroleum Fund Management Department

This Department is responsible for issues related to the management of the application and use of the Petroleum Fund.

Our role and responsibilities

  • Monitor the performance and the operational management of the Petroleum Fund and advise on appropriate changes in the management and investment strategy of the Fund and the Petroleum Fund legislation: Petroleum Fund Law, Operational Management Agreement, and Regulations
  • Support relevant State departments in drafting analyses, studies, documents and proposals of recommendations and opinions on issues concerning management and investments
  • Provide public information in accordance with transparency requirements in the Petroleum Fund Law, such as the Petroleum Fund Annual Report
  • Contribute to capacity building and understanding by key stakeholders and society generally on Petroleum Fund issues
  • Monitor the international financial market and the performance of other Sovereign Wealth Funds, including public research, analysis and reports issued on relevant economic and financial issues, and
  • Provide briefs, relevant background information and advice and recommendations to the Minister in order to facilitate an informed decision-making process related to the management of the Petroleum Fund.

Further information