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Directorate General for Corporate Services

  1. The Directorate-General of Corporative Services is responsible for ensuring technical and administrative support to the Minister, the Vice Minister, the Directorates-General and the further services of the MoF in the areas of general administration, human resources, financial resources, logistical resources, management of external assistance related to the MoF, communication, documentation, archives and asset management.
  2. The DGCS has the following tasks:
    • Ensure the implementation and integrated execution of the national policy for the areas under its scope, in accordance with the Government’s programme and with the superior guidelines issued by the Minister;
    • Ensure the operation of the administrative services and the management of financial resources;
    • Ensure the proper management of human resources, in coordination with the Civil Service Commission;
    • Enforce the laws, regulations and Public Administration procedures within the scope of the MoF;
    • Carry out the activities related with the management of material resources and with general services;
    • Carry out the activities related with the proper management of technological, information and computer resources;
    • Manage the external assistance of the MoF;
    • Ensure the expenditure procedures, in accordance with the respective requests or obligations assumed beforehand, corresponding to the acquisition of goods, works or services for the MoF;
    • Ensure the maintenance of MoF equipment and vehicles, as well as carry out the respective acquisitions, repairs and transportation;
    • Provide the necessary means to ensure the participation of MoF managers and staff in national or international events, including those inherent to travelling;
    • Review and issue opinions on the internal regulations of MoF services concerning human and material resources;
    • Coordinate and ensure the publication and socialization of relevant official information by the MoF;
    • Ensure, inter alia, the communications service and the surveillance, security, cleaning and maintenance of the facilities belonging to the MoF or under its responsibility;
    • Any others given to it by law.

The Directorate-General for Corporative Services consists of the following national directorates:

  • National Directorate of Human Resources;
  • National Directorate of General and Financial Management;
  • National Directorate of MoF External Assistance Management;
  • National Directorate of Logistics and Maintenance

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