• Administration and Finance Directorate

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Administration and Finance Directorate

This Department provides support services to the Directorates of the Ministry of Finance in

  • managing logistical services
  • acquiring goods, services and works
  • managing and maintaining movable and immovable assets
  • archive management, and
  • translation services.

Role and responsibilities

  • Manage procurement for goods, services and works to be acquired through the budget allocated to the Ministry
  • Manage the Ministry’s contracts for the supply of goods and services and the construction of works
  • Define rules and procedures for the supply and management of consumable goods, as well as the management of movable and immovable equipment and assets belonging to Ministry Directorates, like vehicles, furniture, equipments, computer devices and buildings
  • Provide technical support and supervise the implementation of these rules and procedures across all Ministry Directorates
  • Maintain and update a detailed record of movable and immovable assets allocated to Ministry Directorates, namely vehicles, equipments, electronic and computer devices, and buildings
  • When needed, support Ministry Directorates in maintaining and repairing assets allocated to them
  • Define rules on correspondence and supervise their proper implementation across Ministry Directorates
  • Maintain an updated and centralised record and archive for all relevant correspondence and communication of the Ministry
  • Ensure regular cleaning and maintenance of Ministry facilities
  • Provide translation services to the Ministry as required, using external sources as needed
  • Ensure quality and consistency in terminology use in translations, and
  • Coordinate and supervise the satellite units set up in the Directorates.

Further information

Profile: Director Administration and Finance