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Human Resources Directorate

The Department of Human Resources Management provides support services in the management of human resources to the Directorates of the Ministry of Finance.

Our role and responsibilities

  • Maintain and update detailed records of personnel working at the Ministry
  • Coordinate the process for defining personnel management directives and manuals
  • Provide technical support and supervise the implementation of directives and manuals in all Directorates of the Ministry, including those that have mandated satellite units
  • Manage attendance, absence, leave and sanction records in relation to Ministry personnel
  • Initiate and participate in disciplinary cases, in collaboration with authorities of the Ministry
  • Provide technical support, whenever necessary, in order to define the competences and profiles of the personnel of Ministry Directorates
  • Process and coordinate the recruitment of personnel for the various Ministry Directorates
  • Prepare contract documents for temporary personnel and professional service providers hired by the Ministry Directorates, as well as support them in managing and monitoring contracts
  • Insert data in the various human resource information systems and keeping them updated
  • Prepare regular reports on the status of human resources in the Ministry
  • In close collaboration with the Department of Financial Support, administer and coordinate travel by personnel inside and outside the country, both for work and training-related purposes
  • Support and monitor the evaluation of the annual and extraordinary performance by the personnel of the Ministry Directorates
  • In coordination with the relevant Directorates, assess the capacity building needs of Ministry personnel and propose actual measures to the authorities
  • Manage, monitor and assess training actions and scholarships attributed to the Ministry personnel
  • Maintain an updated and detailed record concerning training actions and scholarships provided by the Ministry
  • Plan and mobilise resources for the capacity building of Ministry personnel and manage the provision of scholarships by the Ministry
  • Coordinate and supervise the satellite units set in the Directorates, and
  • Issue regular reports and assessments on the implementation of the attributions of the department.

Further information

Profile: Director Human Resources