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Directorate General for State Finances

  1. 1. The Directorate-General for State and Finance is responsible for ensuring the general guidance and integrated coordination of the MoF services with tasks in the area of Economic Policies, drafting the State General Budget and administering the monies destined to the whole of Government, as well as for managing State Assets.
  2. 2. The DGSF has the following tasks:
    • Ensure the implementation and integrated execution of the national policy for the areas under its scope, in accordance with the Government’s programme and with the superior guidelines issued by the Minister;
    • Oversee the drafting and execution of the SGB in accordance with the Strategic Development Agency and other Government economic strategies;
    • Provide specialized technical advisory in the areas of economy development, particularly in terms of financial performance and tax justice, according to the law and the goals set by the Government;
    • Manage the movable assets of the State;
    • Any others given to it by law.

The Directorate-General for State Finance consists of the following national directorates:

  • National Directorate of Economic Policies;
  • National Directorate of Budget;
  • National Directorate for the Whole of Government;
  • National Directorate of Supply and Assets Management;

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