• Petroleum Compliance Department

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Petroleum Compliance Department

This Department is responsible for matters related with tax collection and the promotion of compliance with the valid rules by clearing agents and cargo owners.

Our role and responsibilities

  • Collection of customs duties, sales tax, excise duty and fees and charges
  • Apply the ASYCUDA program (Automated SYstem for CUstoms DAta reporting and processing system) ensuring modules are utilised correctly
  • Ensure that the harmonised tariff and valuation systems are applied correctly
  • Ensure the moving of cargo, both imports and exports
  • Oversee customs warehouses and free warehouses
  • Collect unpaid or pending duties and taxes and reimburse duties and taxes according to the law
  • Apply customs law in relation to the tariff assessment and classification of goods
  • Ensure concessions are applied in accordance with the law
  • Establish procedures and policies meeting world’s best practice and the models of the World Customs Organisation
  • Manage relations with clearing agents, including issues around registration, monitoring and training, and
  • Report all violations to the Code of Conduct.

Further information

Profile: Head of Department of Petroleum Compliance