• Petroleum Operations Department

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Petroleum Operations Department

This Department is responsible for matters related to the assessment and collection of taxes, proper registration of petroleum taxpayers, and the estimate and assessment of petroleum revenue.

Our role and responsibilities

  • Administer, manage and monitor the issue of assessments, collection of revenues and maintenance of data in relation to petroleum taxpayers
  • Ensure that petroleum taxpayers operating in the Joint Petroleum Development Area and in Timor-Leste’s onshore and offshore territory are administered according to the law
  • Manage and monitor the registration of petroleum taxpayers
  • Administer and enforce laws in order to collect tax properly due from petroleum taxpayers and ensure that appropriate sanctions, penalties and other legal measures are applied against non-compliant taxpayers
  • Reconcile the petroleum tax revenues with petroleum fund deposits and ensure that all petroleum tax revenues are deposited to the Petroleum Fund bank account in accordance with the requirement imposed by the Timor-Leste Petroleum Fund Act
  • Estimate and project future petroleum tax collections regularly and finalise a budget revenue forecast in collaboration with the relevant National Directorates
  • Collaborate regularly with other relevant national bodies, as well as with national and international organisations to foster research and exchange economic, financial and petroleum industry information under the relevant laws and regulations, and
  • Develop and maintain systems for managing taxpayer records, both manually and electronically.

Further information

Profile: Head of Department of Petroleum Operations