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Large Business Taxpayers Department

This Department is responsible for the collection of taxes and promoting compliance from large domestic taxpayers.

Our role and responsibilities

  • Administer, manage and monitor the issue of assessments, collection of revenues and maintenance of data in relation to large domestic taxpayers
  • Manage and monitor the registration of taxpayers
  • Maintain, update and progressively develop tax systems to help identify new domestic large taxpayers and ensure that revenues are properly collected from existing taxpayers
  • Administer and enforce laws in order to collect tax due from large domestic taxpayers and ensure that appropriate sanctions, penalties and other legal measures are applied against taxpayers that do not comply
  • Provide large domestic taxpayers with timely and accurate advice and information about domestic tax laws and regulations
  • Research the taxpayer base to understand compliance in this segment and to identify risks of non-compliance with the revenue laws and the level of that risk
  • Design, develop and implement compliance strategies to ensure that the proper amount of revenue is collected equitably, and encourage and foster a high level of voluntary compliance from large domestic taxpayers
  • Provide legal interpretation and explanation of the domestic revenue laws as well as initiate proposals for public rulings
  • Assist in preparing and periodically updating various tax guides, forms and returns in consultation with the National Director and ensure these materials are regularly distributed to large domestic taxpayers
  • Maintain detailed records for the different types of domestic tax and reconcile these records with SIGTAS and Treasury on a regular basis
  • Draft annual reports on department operations

Further information

Profile: Head of Department of Large Business Taxpayers