• Payment Directorate

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Payment Directorate

Our role and responsibilities

  • Prepare the payroll of all permanent staff, based on the instruction received from the Public Service Commission, PNTL and FDTL
  • Release salaries on a monthly basis to members of line Ministries and Government Institutions
  • Release pensions to Government pensioners
  • Release pensions to veterans
  • Check figures for accuracy and necessary approvals
  • Review payroll documentation for accuracy through audit reports and makes any necessary adjustments
  • Print, sort, and distribute payroll checks to all ministries
  • Ensure monthly payrolls are processed in a timely and accurate manner
  • Maintain accurate payroll records and employee files, including manual check log and reconciliation of payroll account
  • Prepare various payroll and management reports, journal entries, workers compensation and reconcile quarterly payroll taxes
  • Handle all allowances, deductions, and vacation/sick accruals, and
  • Respond to employee inquiries and requests regarding payroll matters.

Further information

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