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Others Autonomous Bodies

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  • Centro de Capacitação em Gestão de Financas Publico

    (English) PFM Training Center The Public Finance Management Capacity Building Centre (PFMCBC) is the service that provides support to the management of continuous and differentiated training activities for staff of the MoF and further State services ... continue reading »

  • g7+ Secretariat

    (English) The g7+ Secretariat provides technical and administrative support to Timor-Leste’s participation in the group of member countries in the g7+ initiative, in order to improve the efficiency of development assistance. The g7+ Secretariat car ... continue reading »

  • Secretariado Grandes Projectos

    (English) Major Projects Secretariat The Major Project Secretariat provides technical and administrative support to the Infrastructure Fund Administration Council, created by Decree-Law no. 8/2011, of 16 March. The Major Project Secretariat has the ... continue reading »

  • Órgão de Recursos Tributário

    (English) A body is to be created, by way of Decree-Law, to enable administrative appeals against revenue and customs decisions imputable to the services listed in the present Section.   Further information ⇒ Profile: Coordinator, Consultative ... continue reading »

  • Consultative Council on Financial Management

    (English) The MoF Consultative Council on Financial Management (CCFM) is the collective consultation and coordination body responsible for the periodic balance of the activities of the MoF. The CCFM must namely issue recommendations on: Decisions ... continue reading »