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Our Research, Statistics & Indicators

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The Census and other surveys provide vital input into planning and monitoring of targets, like Millennium Development Goal Indicators.

  • Census and Statistics

    Timor-Leste has a program to collect, produce, analyse and disseminate statistics on the demographic, social, environmental and economic aspects of the country. The National Statistics website is the central place to access these statistics, wh ... continue reading »

  • Millennium Development Goals Indicators

    In September 2000, all 189 members of the United Nations adopted the Millennium Development Goals at the Millennium Assembly. Timor-Leste recognises that these goals, in the areas of poverty, hunger, malnutrition, education, health, gender equalit ... continue reading »

  • Sensus Fo Fila Fali

    Sensus Fo Fila Fali – Giving Back the Census – was an ambitious project to share the key results of the 2010 Census with community leaders in every suco – village area – of the country. The project started on 4 November 2011 wit ... continue reading »