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About Sensus Fo Fila Fali Suco Reports

Get a copy of your suco’s Sensus Fo Fila Fali report

  • Download Suco Reports from this site.
  • If you are an organisation operating in Timor-Leste, email dne@mof.gov.tl to arrange to collect a USB with all 442 Suco Reports. We are distributing one USB per organisation or line ministry.
  • A limited number of Suco Reports are being distributed at Sensus Fo Fila Fali workshops across the country to community leaders.
  • Ask your District Administrator, Sub-District Administrator or Suco Chief to have a look at their copy.

Information available in the Suco Reports

The 442 Suco Reports are essential to the successful dissemination of the 2010 Census results in an easily accessible, user-friendly way. 

Each Report contains statistical information, graphs, maps and illustrations showing how the suco is performing and compares the suco with the overall situation at the district and national level.

The Suco Reports include indicators on a variety of topics, including population size, education, health, labour market, agriculture, water and sanitation, electricity, mortality and poverty levels. 

Most indicators stem from the 2010 Census, but some information on poverty and health from the Timor-Leste Survey of Living Standards 2007 and the Demographic Health Survey 2009-2010 respectively has also been included, as well as references to the Millennium Development Goals and the country’s progress towards reaching them.