• Afghanistan mission to Ministry of Finance 9-13 August 2016

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Afghanistan mission to Ministry of Finance 9-13 August 2016

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 The Ministry of Finance through Development Partners Management Unit (DPMU) is hosting a delegation of senior officials from the Ministry of Finance from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan from 9 – 13 August 2016.

 Discussed and agreed on the eve of the 4th g7+ Ministerial Meeting (23-24 March 2016) held in Kabul, Afghanistan, the objective of this mission was to share experiences on the use of the advanced tools/version of Free-Balance, public financial management system.

As members of the g7+, both Timor-Leste and Afghanistan are keen to share experiences under the g7+ “Fragile to Fragile Cooperation”. The ‘Fragile to Fragile’ Cooperation program has facilitated the establishment of the opportunity for this mission and continued dialogue and cooperation in the future.

In addition to Public Finance Management, expert representatives from the Ministries of Finance from Timor-Leste and Afghanistan shared information and practical lessons learned on performance management reforms, natural resource management, and information management systems.

The mission met with the Ministry’s Performance Management Reform team who explained the Public Financial Management journey in Timor-Leste. This included how between 2010 and now, the Ministry has been able to introduce the Generate Resources Publication, using a number of web base modules that capture all financial transactions in one integrated system.

The Ministry organized side meetings for the delegation with the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. This enabled the delegation to have better understanding of how Ministries are working together in Timor-Leste for the country’s development. The Afghan mission also visited the g7+ Secretariat to learn more about g7+ Fragile to Fragile Cooperation.

The mission delegation from Afghanistan expressed their appreciation and satisfaction with the meetings and information shared with them. Accordingly, this will help them in moving forward with information management systems, advanced Free -balance (V7) particularly. This visit equipped them with them with critical analysis of the Public Financial Management reforms.







15 August 2016

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