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3 Approving the Proposed Budget

Budget Submitted to National Parliament

By law, the Government must submit the proposed budget to the National Parliament by 15 October.

Commissions Review the Budget

After a brief initial consideration, the National Parliament refers the proposed budget to Committees (Commissions) for about one month.

The Commissions review the budget, interview Ministers, and accept comments from the community and civil society.

At the budget plenary sessions, the whole of the National Parliament assembles to hear the Prime Minister present the proposed budget to the Parliament. The Commissions also prepare a comprehensive report to the Parliament on their findings.

Parliament Debates the Budget

Then the Parliament debates the budget, including asking questions of all Ministers about their budget and to the Minister of Finance about the budget in general.

Deputies can also propose amendments to the budget which are debated and voted on by the Parliament.

Passing of the Budget

After the whole budget is passed, the President of the Parliament sends it to the President of the Republic to consider and sign.

The budget becomes law when it is finally promulgated in the Journal of the Republic on the order of the President of the Republic.