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The Budget Process

National Parliament of Timor-Leste

There are several steps in the budget process: preparing for the budget, considering budget submissions, approving the proposed budget and finally spending the approved budget.

  • 1 Preparing for the Budget

    Ministries start preparing their Annual Action Plans which capture their key objectives and activities for the coming budget year around March. Develop Budget Strategy and Priorities Around April, the Government decides its priorities and the total ... continue reading »

  • 2 Considering Budget Submissions

    Budget Review Committee Meets After budget submissions are prepared, the Budget Review Committee meets in July and August. It reviews each budget submission and invites ministries to defend and give a good reason for each submission. Budget Review C ... continue reading »

  • 3 Approving the Proposed Budget

    Budget Submitted to National Parliament By law, the Government must submit the proposed budget to the National Parliament by 15 October. Commissions Review the Budget After a brief initial consideration, the National Parliament refers the proposed bu ... continue reading »

  • 4 Spending the Budget

    Starting from 1 January, ministries can start spending money approved in the budget to implement the Government’s program for the year. To ensure accountability quarterly reports on physical and financial progress of the budget are presented to th ... continue reading »