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1 Preparing for the Budget

Ministries start preparing their Annual Action Plans which capture their key objectives and activities for the coming budget year around March.

Develop Budget Strategy and Priorities

Around April, the Government decides its priorities and the total amount it wants to spend, known as its overall ‘fiscal envelope’.

After the Government has decided the broad budget strategy, Budget Office prepares a budget call circular which summarises the Government’s strategy for the coming budget and outlines the budget process and timetable.

Prepare Budget Submissions

The budget call circular is distributed to Ministries in May with the supporting templates and spreadsheets they need to complete their budget documentation. This is the formal invitation to start preparing budget submissions.

After Ministries complete their budget submissions they input them into Performance Budgeting, which is part of the Government’s integrated financial system.

Budget Directorate analyses each budget submission and prepares a brief on each to help Budget Review Committee.