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  • World Customs Organization Council

    “This year’s World Customs Organization Council sessions were attended by Timor Leste Director General Mr Câncio de Jesus Oliveira and the Senior Management Advisor Mr Tony O’Connor. The Council sessions were opened by Jacques Chirac, Former President of the French … Continue reading

  • 2010 Budget Rectification

    The 2010 supplementary budget (orcamento retificativo) was submitted by the Government of Timor Leste to the National Parliament of TL on 31 May 2010, and was debated over 3 days in Generality ( 22 – 24) , and over 7 … Continue reading

  • IMF – Korea Partnership Conference

    IMF – Korea Partnership Conference

    The Conference was organized by IMF and the Government of Korea with the objectives: To draw lessons from the past to build a shared vision and common agenda to support sustained global economic growth; Showcase Asia’s success in economic management … Continue reading

  • ESCAP, 66th Session of the Commission, Incheon, Republic of Korea

    The 66th session of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission (UNESCAP) hosted by the Government of the Republic of Korea and Incheon Metropolitan City, at the Songdo Convensia A, the Republic of Korea from 13-19 May 2010. For the … Continue reading

  • Public Expenditure and Financial Assessment

    “The PEFA ( Public Expenditure and Financial Assessment) Public Financial Management (PFM) Performance Measurement Framework has been developed by the World Bank, IMF, DfiD, the EC among others to assess and develop essential PFM systems, by providing a common pool … Continue reading

  • Peace

    Australia the Peace Builder

    The experience of war leaves countries with a mixed legacy: a lack of basic needs for survival but astonishing survival capacities; a complex legacy of emotions encompassing violence and distrust but also intense solidarity and, sometimes, pride. How can Australia … Continue reading

  • Sanitation and Water for All: A Global Framework for Action

    Hon. Emilia Pires and Hon. Pedro Lay, Minister of Infrastructure attended the Ministerial Dialogue on Sanitation and Water meeting hosted by both the World Bank and UNICEF. The meeting was organized for all Ministers of Finance of all those countries … Continue reading

  • Presentation at UNIV California San Diego

    University of California, San Diego

    In San Diego, Minister Emilia Pires was a guest of the University of California San Diego. Minister Pires held several discussions with students there on Timor-Leste, both on the subject of Public Financial Management and Nation Building. She also had … Continue reading