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Customs Contacts and Posts

Timorese border post

This website contains a lot of information about Customs and Customs processes. Please browse this website for answers to many common Customs questions.

Customs contacts

If you have a question or require further information about Customs, contact:

Timor-Leste Customs operates out of the following posts:

  • Dili Sea Port
  • International Airport President Nicolau Lobato in Dili
  • Dili Post Office
  • Maliana Customs (western border area)
  • Batugade Customs (western border area)
  • Salele – Suai Customs (western border area)
  • Baucau Customs (eastern part of the country)
  • Oecusse Customs (Sakato and Bobometo in the enclave of Oecusse).

Quarantine and Immigration

Quarantine Services and Immigration Services are run by other Ministries.

Further information

  • Customs Directorate: roles and responsibilities of Customs Directorate and Departments, and Customs Director Profile
  • Contact Us: if you need to contact the Ministry of Finance