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Exemptions from Paying Duty

First aid kit and medical supplies

You do not need to pay duty for all goods you bring into Timor-Leste. Some goods and situations are exempt from paying taxes.

See goods you may bring in if travelling to Timor-Leste or importing cargo.

  • Goods Exempt from Duty Upon Importation

    Goods exempt from duty upon importation are: Shipment of insignificant value     ‘Goods of insignificant value’ are goods that do not exceed USD 10 (ten dollars) per shipment. Shipments sent from individual to individual Goods of a n ... continue reading »

  • Goods Exempt from Import Duty

    The following goods are exempt from import duty: If the goods accompany a person arriving in Timor-Leste from another territory: two hundred (200) cigarettes and two and one half (2.5) litres of excisable beverages per person goods up to a value of ... continue reading »