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Goods Exempt from Duty Upon Importation

Goods exempt from duty upon importation are:

Shipment of insignificant value    

‘Goods of insignificant value’ are goods that do not exceed USD 10 (ten dollars) per shipment.

Shipments sent from individual to individual

Goods of a noncommercial nature, such as goods from the sender to a receiver and which commercial value does not exceed USD 50 (fifty dollars) per shipment.

Public or public utility establishments or organism

Scientific instruments, objects, devices and other instruments of an educational, cultural or pedagogical character intended for public or of public utility establishments or organisations, benefit from duty free as long as such entities are legally recognised and the imports are authorised by the Minister of Finance, or by any other delegated office.

Medical investigation, diagnosis and treatment

Instruments and devices intended for medical investigation, diagnosis or for medical treatment offered gratuitously by organisations with philanthropic purposes or by an individual to health organisations, to services dependent on hospitals.

 For the rehabilitation of the visually impaired and other people with a disability

  • Objects especially created for the educational, scientific or cultural promotion for the visually impaired are admitted as duty-free import, as long as such intent is certified by the Ministry of Health.
  • Printed material and books in Braille have a simplified exemption.
  • Objects especially created for the educational, scientific or cultural promotion for the visually impaired.

Objects intended for other people with a disability

Objects especially developed for the education, employment and social promotion of physically or mentally challenged people who aren’t visually impaired at the moment they are imported are admitted as duty-free import when they are imported.

 Goods sent to the victims of catastrophes

Goods to be freely distributed to victims of catastrophes that afflict the country.

Decorations and rewards granted for honourable purposes

  • The decorations granted by foreign governments to people who reside in the country.
  •  The trophies, medals and similar objects of an essentially symbolic nature, which are given in a foreign country to people who reside in the country in honour of an activity developed in such areas as the arts, sciences, sports, public service, or in acknowledgement for their merits during a particular occasion and imported by these same people.

Non-commercial publications 

The following are admitted with duty-free import rights as long as it deals with occasional operations without any commercial nature:

  • Prospects, brochures, books, magazines, guides, maps or photos intended for the promotion of national tourism.
  • The publications from foreign governments and international organizations intended for gratuitous distribution as well as the documents freely sent to public services.