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Importing Cargo

Cargo ship

If importing cargo to Timor-Leste, such as on a container, you must use a Customs Broker.

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  • Requirements to Import and Clear Customs

    Get certificate and TIN Number First, a certificate for business from the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Trade must be obtained. This is a licence to carry out economic activity in Timor-Leste. You will also need a TIN (Tax Identification Number) ... continue reading »

  • Importing of Goods containing ozone-depleting substances

    Timor-Leste is phasing-out the import of ozone-depleting substances. Ozone-depleting substances are used as refrigerant gases and are used in some air-conditioning units and refrigerators. The importation and exportation of the following ozone-deple ... continue reading »

  • Customs Brokers List

     What Customs Brokers Do clear goods through customs for importers and exporters prepare documents and entry declarations, in line with customs regulations calculate and usually pay on behalf of clients the taxes, duties and excises, and facilitate ... continue reading »

  • Shipping Companies List

    Agency Name Address Phone Number Ariana Oceano Agency Rua Dos Martires Da Patria, Bairro Pite, Dili (+670) 723 8766 Atauro Express Agency Dili Port (+670) 732 1972 SDV International Logistic Rua Av. Nicolao Lobato, Bairro Dos Grilos, Dili (+ ... continue reading »

  • Special Requirements For Some Goods

    There are additional requirements you must meet before you can import or bring into Timor-Leste certain goods. Live animals, live plants, and animal and vegetable products If you want to import live animals, live plants and animal or vegetable produ ... continue reading »

  • Importing Cars and Motor Vehicles

    Maximum age of used motor vehicles allowed into the country It is prohibited to import light passenger and mixed vehicles more than 5 years from the date of their original manufacture to the date of import, with the following exceptions: Vehicles ... continue reading »

  • Time to Clear Customs

    Once forms are completed and accepted by Customs, it usually takes 24 hours to clear Customs. It may take longer if: your goods are selected for an inspection an inspection finds problems with your goods, or your goods need to be quarantined. See Qu ... continue reading »

  • Storage and Demurrage Charges

    Demurrage costs If merchandise is stored or kept more than 30 days at Dili Port, you must pay 5% of the value of the goods to Customs. If merchandise is stored or kept more than 20 days at Dili Airport, you must pay 5% of the value of the goods to Cu ... continue reading »

  • ASYCUDA for Customs Brokers

    ASYCUDA – Automated SYstem for CUstoms DAta – is a computer customs management system and software. The system handles manifests and customs declarations, accounting procedures, transit and suspense procedures. ASYCUDA takes into account ... continue reading »