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Customs Brokers List

 What Customs Brokers Do

  • clear goods through customs for importers and exporters
  • prepare documents and entry declarations, in line with customs regulations
  • calculate and usually pay on behalf of clients the taxes, duties and excises, and
  • facilitate communication between the importer or exporter and government authority.

A Customs Broker must have a proper license.

When to Use a Customs Broker

If you are importing cargo into Timor-Leste, like on a container, you must use a Customs Broker.

Customs Brokers Directory

Company name Address Phone Email
Ariana Oceano Agency Rua Bairo Pite, Dili 332 2109 Ariana_oceano@yahoo.com
Crocodile Line Rua Pantai Kelapa, Dili 331 0897 or 725 5552  
Culu-Hun Diak Farol, Dili 726 6992  
D & N Movers, UNIP. LDA Rua Beto Timor, Comoro, Dili 723 5784 or 725 9711  
DHL Express LDA Rua Estrada de Balide, Colmera Plaza Dili 331 1567 or 729 5713 Romeo.dossantos@dhl.com
Domi-Huhun Farol-Motael, Dili 727 6063  
JVK-Naga Movers ET Vila Verde, Dili 723 5784  
Kaye Freight and Moving Service Rua Bairo Pite, Dili 725 0987 KayeService@yahoo.com
Lita Store Avenida Marcal, Carmona, Dili 724 2536  
Loro Sa’e Agent Dili Airport 724 5207  
Maritime Service Agent Rua Bairo Pite, Dili 725 0987  
Naroman Agencia LDA Rua Bairo Pite, Dili 723 8974  
PT Bin Nai Lima Bemori, Dili 734 7620 liputdili@yahoo.com
SDV Logistics East Timor Bairro dos Grilos, Dili 723 0571  
Sea Vision Transportation Colmera, Dili 331 0890 seavision_dili@yahoo.com
Tilman Brothers Rua Jacinto Candido, Bairo Central, Dili 726 5011 N.tilmanbros@yahoo.com

Updated August 2011.

Individual people and businesses use a Customs Broker to import cargo and goods into Timor-Leste.

Businesses can also give power of attorney to a Customs Broker to represent them at Customs. The Customs Directorate must first authorise any private representation by a Customs Broker.


Note: Ministry of Finance provides contact details for Customs Brokers in Timor-Leste for information purposes only and is not responsible for any incorrect or incomplete details. Please contact the Customs Broker directly.