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Travelling to Timor-Leste

Travelling to Timor-Leste by plane

When you travel to a country, you will usually bring baggage and other goods.

You are allowed to bring into Timor-Leste certain goods without paying any duty. For some goods, you will need to pay duty when entering the country.

  • Goods You Can Bring In

    There are goods you can bring into Timor-Leste without paying any taxes. Other goods will attract duties and taxes which you will need to pay. Goods which you don’t pay duties for Personal baggage and non-commercial goods When entering Timor-L ... continue reading »

  • Bringing Money into Timor-Leste

    If you intend to import or export to Timor-Leste, in official currency or Foreign currency $20,000 or more than this amount you must obtain prior authorization from the Central Bank of Timor-Leste. Upon arrival in the customs territory you must decla ... continue reading »

  • Bringing Goods or Car In Temporarily

    Bringing in Temporary Goods not Considered Traveller’s Baggage You are able to temporarily bring into the country, for up to 12 months, goods not considered baggage that will be used during your stay in the country and subsequently returned a ... continue reading »

  • Moving Back to Timor-Leste

    People returning to Timor-Leste are allowed to bring into the country certain goods and vehicles duty free, as long as they meet the following conditions: They must have resided outside Timor-Leste for at least 18 consecutive months after leaving ... continue reading »

  • Duty Free Shops

    Duty Free Shops are totally demarcated areas, usually located within Airports, where foreign goods are placed to be sold to aircraft passengers going abroad. Goods purchased at this shop are duty free provided they are for non-commercial use and th ... continue reading »