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Goods You Can Bring In

There are goods you can bring into Timor-Leste without paying any taxes. Other goods will attract duties and taxes which you will need to pay.

Goods which you don’t pay duties for

Personal baggage and non-commercial goods

When entering Timor-Leste, you can bring into the country, without paying any duties: 

  • your personal baggage, and
  • goods for non-commercial use (up to the value of USD 300 (three hundred dollars).

To be considered traveller’s baggage, the goods must be:

  • for personal and non-commercial use, and
  • appropriate for the traveller’s personal or family use, or intended to be offered as gifts, i.e. the nature and amount of goods should not convey that they will be used for commercial activity.

Duty free items and goods

Adult travellers: aged 17 years and over

Each adult traveller can bring goods duty free into Timor-Leste up to a maximum value of USD 300 (three hundred dollars).

Additionally, duty free goods are limited per traveller to the following maximum quantities for each item:

Tobacco products:

  • 200 cigarettes, or
  • 100 cigarillos (with a maximum weight of 3 grams per unit), or
  • 75 cigars, or
  • 30 grams of cut tobacco, or
  • a proportional assortment of these different products
  • Medicine: quantity corresponding to the personal needs of the traveller.

Alcohol and alcoholic beverages

  • distilled beverages and spirits with an alcoholic rate superior to 22% vol., natural 80% vol. ethanol or more than: 1.5 litres
  • wine: 5 litres

Perfume: 75 grams
Eau de toilette: 0.375 litre
Coffee: 1 kilogram of coffee
Tea: 200 grams or 80 grams of tea essence
Medicine: quantity corresponding to personal use

Travellers under 17 years

Travellers under the age of 17:

  • cannot bring any tobacco products, or alcohol or alcoholic beverages into Timor-Leste, and
  • can bring in other products duty free up to a total limit of USD 300 (three hundred dollars) and with limits on individual items outlined above.

People crossing the border

The total value and limits on the amount of duty free goods of a non-commercial nature are reduced by half when imported by:

  • people who reside on the borderline
  • borderline workers, or
  • employees of transportation used in the traffic between Timor-Leste and other countries.

Goods you must pay duty for

If goods you are bringing with you into Timor-Leste are more than USD 300 (three hundred dollars) and are not exempt from duties:

  • Firstly, you must declare in the customs declaration form that the value of your goods, which are for non-commercial use, exceeds $300. You must also declare it verbally to the customs officer.
  • The customs officer will assist you to produce a customs entry in which you will declare your merchandise, its value, and the duty. Duty is 5% of the value of your goods. If your merchandise is alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, cigarette lighters and smoking pipes you pay an additional amount, see Excise tax for items and amounts.
  • You will pay the customs duty and taxes you owe at the bank. Dili Airport has a bank where you can pay duties and taxes. In some cases, such as is the bank at Dili Airport is not open or you arrive in Timor-Leste by road across the border, you will pay the duties and taxes to a Customs Officer. 
  • Once you have paid the duties and taxes you owe, your goods will be released by Customs.

If you bring in goods that are deemed by Customs to be of a commercial nature, duties will be applicable and you must use a Customs Broker to import the items into Timor-Leste.