• Distribution of UNMIT donated vehicles to Line Ministries

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Distribution of UNMIT donated vehicles to Line Ministries

The Ministry of Finance represented by the Director General of State Finance Mr. Antonio Freitas held a ceremony of distribution of UNMIT donated vehicles to line ministries and state agencies on 16 April 2013 at the Balide ASSET Directorate compound.

Mr. Antonio Freitas said that the distribution of these vehicles is based on the proposals from line ministries in the OGE 2013 and on the merit of these agencies. He emphasized that the security institutions like F-FDTL and PNTL are the biggest recipients of these vehicles due to their key role of guaranteeing security and stability of the country. Another biggest recipient is the Ministry of State Administration, due to its important role in relation with decentralization, establishment of municipality and development programs that the government has embarked on.

The line ministries and agencies that received the cars include Office of President of RDTL 2, National Parliament 4, office of Prime Minister 1, ADN 1, NPC 1, SNI 1, IGE 1, VPM Office 3, Ministry of Presidency of COM and the Secretariats of State under its leadership 7, SEPI 1, SEJD 1, SEFOPE 2, SED 1, SES 4, MDS 1,  MNEC 2, ME 6, MoH 6, MJ 6, MSS 3, MOP 4, MRM 3, MOF 5, MTC 5, MCIA 3, Tribunal 4, PGR 3, PDHJ 2, CNE 2, CAC 2, CFP 3, RTTL 2. Total vehicles to be received are 217 vehicles.

Mr. Freitas assured that the condition of the vehicles, majority of them PRADO are still in good conditions. Therefore, on behalf of Prime Minister and Minister of Finance he advised all recipients to maintain them in good condition in long term. He reminded the recipients’ representatives to carefully check the condition of the vehicles and their respective accessories to avoid future complaints. Because when the vehicle is received by the agency, it will be the sole responsibility of the agency to take care of it, not the ministry of finance.

In the meantime, the director of ASSET Ms Evangelina Gutterres informed that the second batch of vehicles will be distributed shortly to those ministries that have not received yet vehicles.

Answering to the journalists question regarding vehicles maintenance, Mr. Freitas also informed that in lieu of vehicles purchase in 2013, the government has guaranteed budget in OGE 2013 for maintenance of these vehicles according to the number of vehicles that each agency received.

Besides the DGSF and director of ASSET, a number of agencies representatives were also in attendance of the ceremony, including from the MSA, ME, TVTL, F-FDTL, PNTL, and others