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Aid Transparency Portal

Timor-Leste Budget Transparency Portal

Aid Transparency Portal is a publicly-accessible internet tool which is part of the Government of Timor-Leste’s transparency initiative.

The portal presents data that development partners have entered into the Ministry’s new Aid Management Platform, which is the system that now forms the central repository for all aid information in Timor-Leste.

What the portal does

Timor-Leste Aid Transparency Portal is a website which lets you:

  • view committed and disbursed funds by donor agency
  • see donor profiles
  • review foreign aid projects
  • generate charts, graphs and maps to monitor vital trends and statistics, and
  • produce reports on public development spending. 

Aid Transparency Portal and system behind it has been highly customised to meet the needs of Timor-Leste and its development partners.

The portal is accessible to all members of the public, groups and development partners.

Timor-Leste Aid Transparency Portal was launched on 2 April 2012 by Minister of Finance, Emilia Pires.

What we hope to achieve with Aid Transparency Portal

  • improve aid management
  • make aid reporting more accurate and predictable
  • better aid reporting assists in preparing quality State Budgets that respond to the needs of citizens
  • enable better coordination between development partners and Government
  • encourage better coordination between development partners operating in Timor-Leste and reduce overlap, and
  • address development priority areas more effectively. 

How information is added and updated

Development partners log in to the Aid Management Platform with a user name and password and enter their information into the system. A series of training sessions were provided to development partner users in late 2011 and early 2012 to help in using the system.

Information is then validated by both Government and development partners. Once validated, this information is available for all development partners and Government to assess and review on the Aid Transparency Portal.

How donor partners can access the Aid Management Platform to enter data

Aid Management Platform can be accessed by all relevant donor partners and government staff by logging in with a username and password through the Aid Transparency Portal website.

Donors are allowed to view and edit projects in their own workspace portfolio.

All users can upload and download important documents, reports and links, and use the calendar and messaging features to set tasks and send reminders. This feature should enable closer coordination between government staff and donors.


The Ministry of Finance, through the National Directorate for Aid Effectiveness, oversees aid management and coordination in Timor-Leste.

The National Directorate for Aid Effectiveness is continuing to work closely with all development partners on entering and validating data in the system.

Enquiries contact the National Directorate for Aid Effectiveness, Ministry of Finance, by email  amp@mof.gov.tl or by phone on 331 0128.

Further information

Timor-Leste Transparency Portal includes: