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Fiscal Reform


Fiscal Reform to Increase Revenue and for a Strong and Diversified Economy

  • About the Fiscal Reform Commission

    The Fiscal Reform Commission (FRC) was established by the 6th Constitutional Government to help Timor-Leste secure its future by having diverse sources of stable revenue. The FRC is not a political body, but a technical one. It is there to serve the ... continue reading »

  • New Tax Authority

    Taxes are the lifeblood of any government. Without taxes, a government could not provide vital services for its population. Tax dollars come from individuals and from businesses and are incorporated into every part of the economy. But for taxation to ... continue reading »

  • New Customs Authority

    New Customs Authority is the gateway to Timor-Leste’s prosperity The new Customs Authority is the gateway to the prosperity of Timor-Leste. It is the place from which the government controls what comes in, and what goes out of the country, includi ... continue reading »

  • Fees and Charges Reform

    Fees and charges are important sources of revenue for a government. Reforming fees and charges is one of the keypillars of the fiscal reform programme which aims to improve service delivery through efficient systems of collectionsand payments that ar ... continue reading »