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Government Hand over Vehicle to Civil Society Organizations

On 26 April 2013, the government held a ceremony of handover of vehicles to civil society organizations at the Asset Directorate Compound, Ministry of Finance in Balide. The government was represented by the Director General of State Finance, Ministry of Finance, Mr. Antonio Freitas, Director General of Corporate Services, Mr. Januario Gama, the Chief of Staff of the Minister of Finance Mr. Jose Antonio Abilio and the Director of Asset, MOF, Ms Evangelina Guterres.

The handover of vehicles was made on the basis of policy from the government, in particular the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance early April 2013, taking into consideration the proposals from a number of civil society organizations. In this handover-ceremony only few organizations were nominated to receive vehicles, such as Dioceses of Baucau, NGO FONGTIL, Church Evangelica de Deus, Parish Teresinha Quelicai, Muslims Annur, “12-November” Committee and College Fatumaca. The rest of beneficiaries will receive their vehicles in due time after general check of condition of the vehicles have been made by them.


Mr. Jose Abilio in his remarks emphasized that the civil society as a key development partner of the government deserves proper assistance from the government. He thus advised the beneficiaries for their ownership of vehicles and ensuring its maintenance for the sake of their services to the people.


One of recipients, Sister Elizabeth Alma expressed her gratitude for the donation and assured that her organization will maintain the vehicle as much as possible for the sake of the deficients children in Ermera district that they have been assisting so far.

Similarly the representative of “12-November” Committee Rogerio Castro da Cruz besides appreciated the donation, also proposed to the government to provide similar assistance to the organizations working in rural areas given their significant role and contribution to the development of the country.


Having the above in mind, 27 recipients will receive 31 vehicles, comprising: Diocese Dili, 2 Prado, Diocese Baucau 2 Prado, Diocese Maliana 2 Prado, Igreja Evangelica Assembleia de Deus 1 Prado, Muslim Annur 1  Prado, Salesian Fatumaca, Misionario Claritiano, Paroquia Fohorem  Suai 1 Prado, “12-November” Committee 1 Prado and 1 Hilux, Paroquia Boacnana Nitibe, Oecusi 1 Prado, FONGTIL 1 Prado, Irma Salesian Cailaco 1 Prado, Irma Canosiana Becora Dili 1 Prado, CNJTL 1 Hilux, Organizasaun Sagrada Familia 1 Prado,  Instituto superior Fatumeta 1 Prado, Fundasaun Mahein 1 Prado, Cordis Marie Filus (CMF) kongresaun missionariu klarentiano 1 Prado , East Timor blind union Becora / Herois da Patria, Dili 1 Hilux, Paroquia nossa sinhora do carmo letefoho 1 Prado, ATPE / FDCC 1 Prado, Saleziano dom Bosco Comoro 1 Prado, Paroquia st. terezinha minion Jesus quelicai 1 Prado, AMRT 1 Prado, Fundasaun casa Nova Bidau 1 Minibus, Comunidade Me. Alma 1 Prado, Paroquia Igreija Lospalos , Padre Agapito, SDB 1 Prado, Assert 1 Prado.