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10 Decentralisation and Accreditation

Procurement Law outlines a process of decentralisation and accreditation of procurement processes in which Government Ministries are now authorised to take responsibility for their own purchases.

Accreditation is the process of enabling or authorising a government Ministry or other agency with the ability to carry out procurement procedures to fulfil their own needs.

Best Practice Guide 10: Decentralisation and Accreditation

Key information

Ministry of Finance has developed a series of guides on the procurement process and required documentation for government officers who purchase goods, services or works on behalf of the Government of Timor-Leste.

The Best Practice Guide 10: Decentralisation and Accreditation explains how:

  • Secretaries of State or other authorised officers in Ministries and agencies should apply for accreditation with the Ministry of Finance’s Procurement Service, and
  • to complete an official accreditation process including the creation of an Accreditation Management Plan.


The Guide also includes the key document for this step of the procurement process:

  • Accreditation Management Plan Framework