• 1 Strategic Procurement Planning

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1 Strategic Procurement Planning

Strategic planning helps establish a structure or framework to ensure costs are minimised and delivery is certain, with minimal risk. This increases the chance of success of a procurement project.

Best Practice Guide 1: Strategic Procurement Planning

Key information

Ministry of Finance has developed a series of guides on the procurement process and required documentation for government officers who purchase goods, services or works on behalf of the Government of Timor-Leste.

The Best Practice Guide 1: Strategic Procurement Planning shows you how to develop:

  • a Strategic Procurement Plan, and
  • a profile of planned expenditure for each financial year, as required by Procurement Law.


The Guide also includes key documents for this step of the procurement process:

  • Strategic Procurement Plan: Checklist of Requirements (Annex A)
  • Procurement Plan Expenditure Profile (Annex B)
  • Procurement Report/Request for Approval (Annex C)