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2 Tender Specification Writing

A specification is a document that clearly, accurately and completely describes in detail what the government needs to purchase.

A clear, accurate and complete specification is the foundation of any purchase of goods, services (including consultancies) or building works, and ensures the best chance of getting what the government wants.

Whether the purchase is for a small, simple item or a large, complex item, the specification needs to clearly outline the requirements of these items.

Best Practice Guide 2: Tender Specification Writing

Key information

Ministry of Finance has developed a series of guides on the procurement process and required documentation for government officers who purchase goods, services or works on behalf of the Government of Timor-Leste.

The Best Practice Guide 2: Tender Specification Writing shows you how to plan, prepare and write a tender specification when procuring goods, services or works.


The Guide includes the key document for this step of the procurement process:

  • List of elements (mandatory and optional) for specifications