• Ground Breaking Ceremony for the New Ministry of Finance Building

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Ground Breaking Ceremony for the New Ministry of Finance Building

The Date of 14 May 2012 marks another important milestone for the Ministry of Finance with the Ground Breaking ceremony for the New 10-storey Ministry of Finance Building, at Aitarak Laran. The project site is located at the symmetrically opposite side of the President Palace which is situated about one kilometer or so, across the main road from Comoro.

Several State officials, development partners, Church representatives, staff members of the Ministry of Finance including the representatives from the contracting company, PP Persero attended the event.

The ceremony was began  with a  traditional rite which included the slaughtering of a buffalo, pig and a chicken by the “lian na’in” (traditional experts). This was followed by a Christian prayer by Priest Antonio Alves. Both rites that are normally used for opening ceremonies of important events which represent key habits from the main pillars of Timorese society in terms of ethnicity and religion. It was meant  to bless and safeguarde the building construction and its future utilization, according to local customs and tradition.

In her speech. the Minister of Finance, Ms. Emilia Pires,  briefly informed the attendees about the MOF achievements since the AMP Government took office on 7  August 2007. Minister Pires expressed that this new MOF building is one of the ministry’s achievements and also represents an AMP legacy to the next government, despite it appears in the end of its mandate. Minister Pires then shared  about the administrative process that led  to the design and subsequent awarding to construct the new MOF edifice. “After a long and competitive international bidding process, the Ministry was able to find a suitable company from Indonesia by the end of 2011, one which met the ministry’s expectations in terms of price and quality requirements”. she said in her speech.

Minister Pires underlined that the t10-storey building will be the first tallest building in the country,  and expressed hope that it will become a prestigious icon for Timor Leste, at least for the next couple of years. When completed, the new Ministry of Finance building shall consist of several modern and efficient offices, several multifunction areas, a cafeteria, a basement where it will host all IT equipment to support the e-Public Financial Management, including a roof garden. The total area is of 14,060 square meters. The building has been designed as a Green-Ship Building with Golden Category. Construction is expected to be completed within an 18-month period.

She added that the office will be well equipped with modern systems and rooms so that it will make a very comfortable environment for the ministry’s staff to be more effectively working in compliance  with the motto serving the nation and client service oriented.

“As we proceed today to formally start with the construction of the new MoF building, let us also be reminded again of the rallying slogan that we all adopted since the year 2010 – “Goodbye Conflict, Welcome Development!” It was due to the absence of conflict and the preservation of peace in the country that enabled us to pursue development work such as the construction of the new MoF Building. And it is our desire in the Ministry of Finance that such a condition shall remain – and be sustained over the years, for us to support the delivery of the long-term development that we all want for our People and our beloved Country.