• Handover ceremony of GIS equipments from UNMIT to Government of Timor-Leste

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Handover ceremony of GIS equipments from UNMIT to Government of Timor-Leste

On 24 October 2012 the Government of Timor Leste received a Geographical Information System (GIS) package consisting of a number computers and UPS (35 units) from UNMIT in a ceremony held in the Statistics Office, Caicoli, Dili.

The Head of UNMIT delegation UNMIT Clark Toals stated that as part of UNMIT transition plan, this time the delegation is handing over a small number of GIS equipments to GOTL, but in next December UNMIT will hand over again 926 assets to GOTL which is equivalent to $5.59 Million. Then, by next year, the UN will also handover another package of 2,540 equipments, equivalent to $10 Million. He then expects that the GIS package that costs around $209,000 be useful for surveys and mapping undertakings in the future. He assured that in the next few weeks UNMIT staff will provide training to the staff working in this area, probably 4 people, in order to best use and maintain these equipments.

Meanwhile the Secretary of State for Institutional Strengthening, Francisco Burlaco representing the government said that the government has successfully established a team to deal with UNMIT assets donation to government which was chaired by former Vice Minister of Finance Rui Hanjam. One of key functions of this team is to select the good equipments to be donated to government. Francisco emphasized the importance of maintaining these equipments in good conditions to help conducting mapping exercise in the territory as a way of obtaining data to facilitate the government in the implementation of SDP.

He added that according to the agreement with the IV Constitutional Government signed with UNMIT, in December this year, UNMIT will hand over 800 vehicles to government. As such, the government has decided not to purchase any more cars, hence allowing the government to save state budget.

Besides the Secretary of State for Institutional Strengthening Francisco Burlaco and the head of UNMIT delegation, the Director General of Policy Analysis and Research, Antonio Freitas, the Director General for Corporate Services Januario da Gama, Director General for Revenues and Customs Cancio Oliveira and other National Directors of MOF including the Director of Statistics Elias Ferreira also took part in the ceremony.