• Handover ceremony of UNMIT Assets to GOTL, in Oecusi

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Handover ceremony of UNMIT Assets to GOTL, in Oecusi

On 6 November 2012 a handover ceremony of UNMIT Assets from UNMIT representative, Clark Toes the Chief Mission Support, to Government of Timor Leste represented by Secretary of State for Decentralization, Tomas Cabral took place at UNMIT compound in Oecusi. Besides them, other government entities from national and local level, including DGCS, Januario da Gama, and SMA for DGPAR Joao Mariano Saldanha, and the Oecusi District administrator, Jose Anunu also attended the event.

The District Administrator Jose Anunu emphasized to keep the donated assets in Oecusi as per request of people of Oecusi , NGOs and other local public servants, despite some of these equipments like vehicles are still in Dili. He justified that, the equipments are highly necessary to be used for preparation of commemoration of Portuguese landing in Oecusi 500 years ago.
Jose Anunu reported that his district administration has been facing enormous problems relating to fuel supply for vehicles and maintenance of vehicles since 2002 that besides costly is also time-consuming. As result, most of these vehicles are currently out of service.
Lastly, he thanked and appreciated the wonderful cooperation and assistance from UNMIT for over 12 years, in terms of transport facilities (UN flight) and in terms of security cooperation with F-FDTL and PNTL.
The Secretary of State for administrative decentralization, Tomas Cabral congratulated the steering committee of the MOF (Asset Directorate) for the arrangements relating to UNMIT assets donation. He said that this team will have to register the assets first before they are distributed to line ministries. The equipments will be distributed according to their respective functions, i.e. some will be donated to Hospital, to ministry of Public Works, to Ministry of Transport, to Land and Property (MoJ), while the office building will be used by the Oecusi Municipality Organizing Committee.
He asked the district administrator to identify which vehicles to be kept in Oecusi and those that are in Dili will be registered by ASSET Directorate before giving them to SE for Administrative Decentralization and later to the districts administrators.
UNMIT representative, Clark Toes said that this time UNMIT only handovers a few assets, but in next month all assets will be handed over to GOTL. He informed that the next handover will be in Suai on 16 November and further in Maliana on 30 November and in Baucau on 3 December. He added that there will be 3,500 individual items assets to be donated and handed over which is equivalent to $18 Million USD. The items comprise of generators, water tanks, workshop equipments, medical equipment and office furniture.
He thanked to local government for its support and closed cooperation during the 6-year- mission of UNMIT in Oecusi.
The ceremony was closed with lowering of UN Flag and rising of Timor Leste Flag.