• Handover of UNMIT Assets to GOTL at Balide Compound

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Handover of UNMIT Assets to GOTL at Balide Compound

On 22 March 20013, the Government of Timor Leste represented by Director General of State Finances, Mr. Antonio Freitas received a rather big package of assets from UNMIT at Balide Compound. DGSF Antonio was accompanied by the Director of ASSET, Ms Evangelina Guterres and other government officials, while the UNMIT was represented by the Chief of CMS Mr. Stephen Mc Owen and other UNMIT staff.

 Mr. Stephen Owen, the representative of UNMIT said that as the mission is ended, UNMIT is pleased to handover another package of assets comprising of: 1) 30 vehicles, 2) the vehicles maintenance workshop (infrastructure) , and associated equipments and 3) 200 thousand spare parts. He hopes the government to maintain the assets over long time so as to support the development process of the country. Because he assured that the assets are still in good conditions, hence they can be useful over long period. He conveyed the message from Mr. Finn Reske-Nielson and expects to always maintaining the spirit of good cooperation between GOTL and UNMIT that has been built over years until now.

Director General of State Finances, Antonio Freitas, on behalf of Minister of Finance and the Government of Timor Leste emphasized that the Government of Timor Leste highly appreciates the UNMIT’s gesture for a series of donations of UNMIT Assets to GOTL over the past months. He believes that there will be another handover to be held shortly relating to telecommunication assets. He informed that this Balide compound will be used for government vehicles maintenance beginning with the MOF vehicles as pilot project and later covering all line ministries’ vehicles. To ensure the sustainability of these assets he said that the government has decided to re-employ 20 former UNMIT staff, whose applications are under scrutiny process.

Mr. Freitas reiterated that the vehicles are still in good conditions, aging from less than 3 years to maximum 6 years of use. He assured that the government has learned from the past experiences, and has taken prudent measures to avoid falling in the same mistakes in the past. Mr. Freitas also informed that UNMIT will also handover 3 warehouses in Fomento area to Government, soon.

Director of ASSET, Evangelina Guterres informed that until April/May the Government will have received 250 vehicles, comprising 30 vehicles on 22 March, 100 vehicles on 27 March and 120 vehicles on 3 April.

According to government plan, the vehicles will be distributed to line ministries as well as civil society organizations, which has to be worked out in due time.

Also in attendance, a team of 9 government staff who are responsible for technical inspection, which aims to ensure that the assets can meet the government expectations

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