• Handover of UNMIT Assets to GOTL in Maliana

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Handover of UNMIT Assets to GOTL in Maliana

Another handover of UNMIT Assets to GOTL was conducted in Maliana on 30 November 2012. As usual UNMIT delegation was headed by Mr. Clark Toes, while the Government of Timor Leste was represented by the Secretary of State for Private Sector Support and Strengthening, Ms Veneranda E.M. Lemos. Besides, national and local government entities also participated in the handover ceremony.
In the occasion of this ceremony Mr. Clark Toes expressed his gratitude of being able to handover another package of UNMIT assets to Government of Timor Leste today in Maliana, which is part of the UNMIT handover programs, first was held in Oecusi on 6 November, second in Suai on past 16 November and the last will be held on 3 December in Baucau.
Mr. Toes told the audience that this UNMIT mission unit in Maliana started in July 2006 post UNOTIL and moved to this new compound in October 2007. He said, the activities of this unit consists of provision of support to UNPOL operations including the Pakistan Police 140 members, to operations of WFP, and key to success of 2007 and 2012 elections, to the Military Liaison Group and to Serious Crimes Investigation Unit.
This assets package comprises of office building with complete furniture, workshops and equipment, barracks of FPU, water and fuel tanks, generators, and medical equipments.
Mr. Toes on behalf of UNMIT expressed his gratitude to the Government local authorities for their frank cooperation and support, in particular the district administrator, the PNTL, CNE and STAE Officials and the medical team support from the hospital referral, over the past 6 years.
Lastly he thanked to all staff in the region, both international and national, for their substantive and functional support during the mission to the successful implementation of the mission mandate and wishes a long lasting peace and stability and prosperity for the people of Timor Leste in particular in Maliana.

Meanwhile the Secretary of State for Private Sector Support and Strengthening, Veneranda Lemos appreciated the wonderful cooperation between the local authorities with the UNMIT during its mandate over the past 6 years. She then asked the local authorities not to distribute the assets prior to verification and reorganization by the ASSET Directorate of the MOF in due time. Nevertheless she said that the donated assets will be maintained in Maliana and will be used by the Organizing Committee in the lead up to Municipalities establishment in 2013. Therefore she asked good cooperation between district administrator and PNTL to safeguard the donated assets until the decision of their utilization is made by Government.
The ceremony was ended with the lowering of UN flag and rising of RDTL flag in the site. ENDS.