• Handover of UNMIT- FPU Malaysian Vehicles to the Government of Timor Leste.

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Handover of UNMIT- FPU Malaysian Vehicles to the Government of Timor Leste.

On 7 November 2012 another handover of UNMIT equipments (vehicles) took place at the Malaysian FPU compound, which de facto is the INAP (Instituto Nacional de Administração Pública) compound. The event was attended by Director General of State Finance, MOF, Mr. Antonio Freitas representing GOTL, Malaysian Ambassador to Timor Leste Mr. Azimin Zacaria, representing Malaysian Government, UN Police Commissioner Mr. Luis Miguel Carrilo, Director of Public Order and International Affairs Department of Royal Malaysian Police, Mr. Dato Sri Saleh Bin Malasit, Director General of Corporate Services, MOF, Mr. Januario Gama and Director of ASSET, Ministry of Finance, Ms. Evangelina Guterres.

DG State Finance Antonio Freitas on behalf of Timor Leste Government expressed his gratitude to the Malaysian Government for the donation of the vehicles to Timor Leste Government. Freitas said that Government of Timor Leste highly appreciates Malaysian FPU for its precious support and contribution during its mandate in Timor Leste in the area of security and stability, in particular its training assistance to the PNTL. Freitas also conveyed expression of gratitude from Prime Minister of RDTL Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao to the Malaysian contingent for its valuable support to the security and stability of Timor Leste during its mission in Timor Leste, as well as for handover of the equipments to the GOTL. On behalf of GOTL, Freitas expects the vehicles are helpful for the PNTL operations in maintaining security and stability in the country.
Meanwhile Mr. Azimin bin Zacaria the Charge d’ Affairs of Embassy of Malaysia in Timor Leste and representative of Malaysian Government welcomed the GOTL officials and all other participants of the ceremony. Azimin first of all, thanked the GOTL for having accepted the Malaysian cooperation and contribution to the peace and stability of the country. He said he was feeling honored to stand here and witnessing the solid cooperation between the two countries. He remembered that Malaysia was one of the first UN member-countries that supported Timor Leste since early stage in 2002 by sending its police force to Timor Leste until it reached the total of 240 officers throughout the territory. Additionally, on bilateral side, Malaysia donated 32 military trucks, and other military equipments, and 28 vehicles from Malaysian Police, all of which are expected to enhance military and police capability in ensuring peace and stability of the country. He underlined that this demonstrates a solid and growing friendship between Malaysia and Timor Leste and expects it flourishes in the coming years.
Antonio Freitas in the interview with journalists emphasized that the donated vehicles like “unimogs, and ambulances are really appropriate to be used by PNTL in specific areas like in border. However he said, before being utilized, they have to be checked first to ascertain the maintenance level.
Meanwhile Dato Sri Saleh underlined that the donation is the decision made by Malaysian government to support the logistics capability of Timor Leste institutions forces, especially the PNTL, which will depend on the government of Timor Leste to decide the best.