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Handover UNMIT assets in Baucau 3 Dec 2012

The last handover of UNMIT Assets to GOTL took place in Baucau on 3 December 2012. The event was attended by UNMIT delegation that was headed by Mr. Clark Toes and by Government officials including the Secretary of State for Private Sector Support and Strengthening Ms Veneranda Lemos, who represented the Government, and other government officials both from the national and local level.

Mr. Clark Toes in his speech underlined that he was delighted to represent again UNMIT in this hand over of the Baucau Regional Support Center (RSC) assets to the Government of Timor Leste, which is the last UNMIT handover assets and part of a series of similar events held in Oecusi (6 November), Suai (16 November) and Maliana (30 November) previously.

Like in other RSCs the main role of Baucau RSC is to provide support to the operations of UNPOL, 140 Bangladesh Police members, the WFP, the Military Liaison Group, the Serious Crime Investigation Unit and to the CNE and the STAE during the 2007 and 2012 Elections.

The package comprises of office and complete furniture and equipments, workshops and equipments, water and fuel tanks, generators, medical equipments and engineering supplies. The whole package of UNMIT assets to be handed-over to the GOTL throughout territory is totaled 3,500 items costing around $18 Million.

In this opportunity Mr. Toes expressed his sincere gratitude to the Government of Timor Leste in particular those government officials at the local level such as the district administrator and all supporting staff for their cooperation and frank support over the past six years of mission in the region.
Lastly, he thanked to the all regional staff both national and international staff for their substantive and functional support over the implementation of the mission’s mandate. Finally, he expressed his wishes of success to the GOTL and long lasting peace and stability and prosperity for the people of Timor Leste.

In the meantime, the Secretary of State for Private Sector Support and Strengthening Ms Veneranda Lemos in her speech talked about the background of UNMIT presence in Timor Leste in accordance with the UN Security Council Resolution N. 1704 of 25 August 2006 which mandated UNMIT to provide interim law enforcement and public security until the national police is reconstituted and able to resume its normal roles. This now is coming to end according to the UN Security Council Resolution N. 2037 (2012) that the mission will end its mandate on 31 December 2012 after all the security jobs have been handed over to national police on 31 October 2012 and are being shouldered by the Timorese police.
On behalf of the Government of Timor Leste Ms Lemos expressed her gratitude for the valuable support from the United Nations and its fruitful partnership with the GOTL and the people of Timor Leste at all levels since the struggle for self determination until the end of UNMIT Mandate in the country. With encouraging words, she said that although UNMIT finishes its mission in the country, the UN specialized agencies will remain to maintain their continuous cooperation and support to the development of the country in the coming years. Hence, from that point onwards, it is time for every Timorese to be the principal agent of peace and development of his/her own country and people.
Further she said that according to the decree law the MOF is responsible for the moveable assets which are technically and operationally managed by the ASSET Directorate. Therefore, these assets will be used in the following fashion, as per recommendation approved by the Prime Minister
Veneranda assured that the compound and its assets will be used by the Baucau Municipality Preparatory Committee in the lead up of municipalities establishment in 2013, whereas the other assets will be used according to their respective technical functions, such as: the transport equipment is to be used by Baucau regional Asset Management and District Administrator, the medical equipment will be used by Baucau referral hospital, the road equipments will be used by the Regional Office of Ministry of Public Works in Baucau district, the communication equipments will be provided to Transport and Communications Department in Baucau.
Finally, she encouraged the PNTL and the District Administrator to work together in order to safeguard the donated assets until the final process of hand over of these assets is decided to be used by the target users. ENDS.