• Inauguration Ceremony of new MOF staff

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Inauguration Ceremony of new MOF staff

On 16 October Vice Minister of Finance Ms Santina Cardoso and the Chairman of CFP (Public Service Commission) Mr. Liborio Pereira co-chaired an inauguration ceremony for new 98 MOF staff at the Ministry of Finance meeting room. The new cluster of staff comprises of degree E, 75 people and degree F, 23 people.

Other important MOF officials who also took part in the ceremony are, DG for Corporate Services Mr. Januario Gama, DG for Customs and Revenues, Mr. Cancio Oliveira, Chief of Staff Mr. Jose Abilio, and several Directors and advisers.

The Head of Human Resources Department Ms Manuela Nelia announced that this is the result of the recruitment process undertaken by MOF since 2011. She said that out of 4,120 applicants for the position of Degree E only 75 people successfully passed the test and out of 1,131 applied for Degree F only 23 were successfully selected.

The DG for Corporate Services, Januario Gama appreciated the good cooperation between MOF and CFP as evidenced by the recruitment of MOF staff over the past years including this last recruitment. The new comers will reinforce the existing staffing profile and will be distributed to the directorates in the ministry as well as to districts according to their respective education and skills. He advised the new staffs to always proceeding in compliance with the laws, rules and procedures in force in their undertakings.

Vice Minister welcomed the new comers but advised that their presence in this ministry should be seen as additional reinforcement not only in numbers but specifically to strengthen the quality of services of this ministry to the clients and the public as the main objective of the ministry services.  She added that most of the work in the ministry deals with lots of paper work in relation with money. Hence, it is an opportunity for everyone to enhance capacity and professionalism.

In addition, Vice Minister congratulated the CFP for the good cooperation with MOF relating to staff recruitment over the past years. Ms Cardoso thus expects the new staff to always working hard and contributing for enhancement of services provision of this ministry. Lastly, she informed that the MOF is currently making assessment of all staff in order to best reallocate the staff according to teach one’s potentials.

CFP Chairman Liborio Pereira reminded the new staff not to be bossy when undertaking their jobs, instead to serve the state interests. He recommended everyone to respect the hierarchy, implement the government programs and always ready to be placed in any agency according to each one’s capabilities, and to carry out each one’s jobs  with high professionalism as well as to attend inside or in overseas training.

The CFP will look after all civil servants until retirement. From now on, the Timor Leste State will provide pensions to the staff, he added.